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I remember taking a psychology course in college and it was stated that if you call out for help when you are in danger, people are less likely to respond. The reason some people won’t respond is because they don’t want to put themselves in danger. Therefore, it was stated you should yell fire and people will come running to help put it out. I took this course a few years ago but I wonder if things have changed?  We have all seen videos where people were being assaulted, but no one came to help. However, they did make sure to video the incident. Is this the reason why people don’t call out for help, because they believe no one will come? Is this the reason why people don’t call on the Lord, because they think He will not help them? I want you to know this is not what David thinks. When he was on the run from Saul, I know David was constantly calling on the Lord for help. Also, when his enemies tried to take him out, he did the same thing. David knew where his help comes from and the Lord brought him through it all. 

When David looked over his life; there was a constant, always watching over him: God. David was inspired by God to write a song that is written in 2 Samuel 22, letting all know it was nobody but God that made a way for him. I want us to focus on Verses 2 to 4. In Verse 2, David is sharing with us who the Lord is to him. The Lord is his rock. The Lord is the stabilizer in his life. When it appeared on a few occasions like everything was going to fall apart in his life, the Lord stepped in and held it all together. This is what moved David to put his complete trust in the Lord, because he came to understand nothing is able to move the Lord. The Lord is his protector. David overcame some great odds before becoming the first great king of Israel. The Lord was the One that protected him from danger seen and unseen, and gave him the strength to accomplish great things. None of this would have been possible without the protection of the Lord. It was through the Lord’s protection that he was delivered out of the hands of his enemies. 

In verse 3, we see that David had a personal relationship with the Lord, because every adjective he uses to refer to God, he leads it with “my”. David was not ashamed of his relationship with the Lord, his very existence was made possible by God. This verse is letting us know, before you can tell somebody about how good the Lord is. You must first know it for yourself. David knew the Lord was with him during good and bad times. When you have a desire to know the Lord, He will make Himself available too you. Do you have a desire to know the Lord? 

In verse 4, David is letting us know that the reason he was able to write verses 2 and 3, because of what he did in this verse. David called on the Lord, and He stepped in right on time. David faced moments in his life that were bigger than him, however, they were not bigger than the Lord. This is why he called on the Lord. Once the Lord brought him through, he knew He was worthy to be praised. David was going to praise the Lord. Even though he was the king praise was not beneath him, but his responsibility to honor the one who made everything possible in his life. The key to his success was his willingness to call on the Lord! Continue to walk in your blessings.