There’s None Better, Than the Lord!

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The word good is used to identify something as acceptable, or desired. When you had a meal that you enjoyed, you say that it was good. When you saw a movie that you enjoyed, you say that it was good. The word good is sometimes overused, causing us not to fully understand the meaning of the word. With the constant use of the word good, we have diluted its meaning and made it a common word. In Nahum 1:7 he states “the Lord is good”, to bring attention to the One that is the creator of everything. Also, He watches over His creation, provides, protects, and delivers us. Nahum goes on to state in verse seven why the Lord is good, “a stronghold in a day of trouble.” Nahum wants it to be known there is no protector like the Lord. However, He is a protector to those that take refuge in Him. In essence you have to make the decision to put your trust in Him, because you know He is good. Nahum takes it a step further by saying in verse eight, “even in a rushing flood”. When you know the capabilities of the Lord, put your trust in Him. When it appears everything is working against you and will take you out, that’s when the Lord steps in and keeps you from being washed away. Nahum is letting the people know there’s none better than the Lord. Therefore, don’t allow the things of the world to overwhelm you to the point where you have no hope.

What dominates your thoughts, the Lord, or your circumstances? If your circumstances dominate, then you are in danger of being overwhelmed with fear, and thinking things can’t get better. Then your circumstances become like a rushing flood trying to drown you in misery, wanting you to give up. When the Lord dominates your thoughts, you understand He is good. Why?  Because He will be your stronghold, protector, and will sustain you when the floods try to take you out. I tell you, there’s none better than the Lord. Be blessed!