“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” (Romans 10:17). 

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Sermons (23)

Date Title Play
October 21, 2018 Are You A Wall Or A Gate?
October 7, 2018 Thank You Lord For Being Generous
September 16, 2018 There Is Value, In Paying It Forward
July 22, 2018 Lord, Thank You For Your Presence
July 15, 2018 He's Looking For You!
June 10, 2018 I Know Why I'm Here
May 20, 2018 We Can Enter When We Change
May 13, 2018 A Loving Mother
May 6, 2018 Get Started
April 1, 2018 Jesus Values Me!
February 4, 2018 I Have A Reason To Shout
December 31, 2017 Are You Open?
December 17, 2017 I Am Thankful, For the Present
December 10, 2017 I Care About You!
December 3, 2017 Peace Is Available!
November 26, 2017 I Serve Because I'm Thankful!
October 22, 2017 I Choose Life!
May 28, 2017 God Won't Break You, But Make You!
April 23, 2017 We Have Work To Do
April 16, 2017 What Do You Do With Good News?
January 15, 2017 This Is God's House
November 27, 2016 The Lord is With Me!
August 14, 2016 Desire