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Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week where we take time and reflect on the price Jesus paid to save us.   Also, we should make the effort to share Jesus Christ with someone and invite them to church.   In John 12:12-19,  we have the story of Jesus making His way to Jerusalem and how the people responded to Him.  There was a great crowd in Jerusalem to celebrate Passover,  when they heard that Jesus was coming,  many of them went to meet Him. As they went, they took palm branches.  As Jesus came toward them, He was riding upon a donkey, and the people were praising Him as He went by.  They were shouting “Hosanna” which means “save now” and waiving the palms to signify victory.  The people were expecting Jesus to establish an earthly kingdom and free them from being ruled by the Romans.  However, this was not His purpose.  The reason that Jesus was riding upon the donkey was to signify peace, because this is what the entire world needed.  The only way this was going to happen was by Him giving His life for the sin of the world. Through people accepting Him as their Lord and Savior they would be able to have peace. Even though, the crowd did not fully understand His purpose – they knew they had to praise Him!

Today you have a full understanding of His purpose.   You know He gave His all to give you the opportunity to have eternal life.  By taking your sins to the cross, Jesus has set you free. Now you can experience the peace of God, because you have accepted His Son as your Lord and Savior. What more do you need to know before your will praise Him?  So, on Palm Sunday waive your palms and give God all the glory, honor, and praise! You have the victory through Jesus Christ.