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New Blog: Let God Grow You! – Broad Rock Baptist Church

New Blog: Let God Grow You!

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Whenever I’m driving in rural areas of Virginia, I always look at the crops that are growing.  I’m amazed because there are several acres growing and they always look uniformed and healthy. The amount of work farmers put in to cause the crops to look good blows my mind. I understand a lot of the work is done with machines, but the  precision of how straight the rows are fascinates me. There is a great amount of work and effort in planting and maintaining crops until they are harvested. Farmers just don’t plant the seeds and do nothing until the harvest. They know the work is just getting started once the seeds are planted.


In Colossians 1:9-12, Paul is encouraging the church to continue doing the work of the Lord. He wants them to know accepting Christ into their lives is like planting a seed in good soil. They are starting the growth process, and need to put forth the effort to learn more about being a Christian. As they learn more, they have to apply it to their lives.  As they are able to see the growth in themselves and how impactful the word of God is. They can’t help but take what they know and share it with somebody else. This is how we bear fruit; by sharing with others how we have been blessed as we do God’s will.  He will supply them with wisdom and knowledge to do even more. In essence God will continue to grow them through their obedience.


Are you growing? Are you helping others grow? If your answer to the first question is no, then there is no way you can say yes to the second. It is essential for you as a Christian because through your growth you bear fruit. Therefore, when you share with others it’s not just your words, but the fruit is the evidence of God working in your life.

Let God grow you!