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In 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12, Paul is encouraging the people of God to be difference makers.  In verse 11 Paul is letting them know he is praying for them, and specifically what he is asking God to do.  First, he wants God to make them “worthy of His call.”  This is needed because some people felt they did not deserve the opportunity to be used by God.  They were basing their decision on the sins of their past, and did not feel worthy.  They were thinking God is like people, and would shut doors of opportunity, because of the mistakes made in their past.  Once this hurdle is crossed, then they will be able to “fulfill by the power of God every resolve and work of faith.” The power of God is going to work through them when they step out on faith.  In verse 12, Paul says “so that the name of our Lord Jesus may be glorified in you”.  The purpose of the call is to glorify Jesus with their lives.  When people see how they have been changed and they let it be known the Lord Jesus did it. They are glorifying Jesus with their lives.  Then they begin to share with people that if it had not been for the “grace of God and the Lord Jesus Christ”,  they would still be lost.
What’s holding you back from fulfilling the call on your life?  You may feel unworthy, but I need you to remember, God called you.  Also, He knows all about you and still He has called you. Don’t get caught up in what you think others will say about you, because when your life was messed up they were talking.  So, why do you think it will be any different now?  It’s time to hold your head up and walk by faith, so that the power of God will work through you.  When this happens you will begin to glorify Jesus Christ with your life.  Through sharing how God’s grace has brought you a mighty long way;  He is still working in your life.  Don’t forget you are called to be a difference maker!


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