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New Blog; His Blood – Broad Rock Baptist Church

New Blog; His Blood

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In Acts 20:28 Paul gives instructions to the Pastors (Elders) of the churches in Ephesus. The first thing he wanted them to do is keep watch over themselves and the flock. In essence, he was telling the Pastors to think about what they are doing, and the impact it will have on themselves and the Church. This is vital for the growth of the Church, the Pastor has the responsibility of glorifying God through how they live. If their actions are contrary to God’s will then people will not be drawn to the Church. However, this is not just for Pastors but for all the people of God. The Pastor is responsible for the flock (people of God), that’s why they teach and preach the Word of God. To inspire and empower the flock to do better from one day to the next. When Pastors are doing this, they are watching over the flock. The Holy Spirit assigns the Pastors to shepherd the Church of God. The church was obtained by the blood of Jesus Christ the son of God. He rescued us from the penalty of our sins through giving His life to save us. It’s His blood that has given us the opportunity to be saved. It’s His blood that has cleansed us for our sins. It’s His blood that has made us whole. It’s His blood that allows us to come into the presence of God. Therefore, whatever ministry we are a part of in the Church, remember we are able to function and grow because of His blood. So, we won’t get it twisted and always know this is God’s house.
I am thankful to God through the Holy Spirit for giving me the assignment to be the Pastor of Broad Rock Baptist Church the past 13 years. This Sunday at BRBC we are celebrating our 121st anniversary, and we are still here because of His blood. If Jesus had not given His all we would not be able to stand as a Church. So on this Palm Sunday, we will praise the Lord for what He has done and continue to do at BRBC. We recognize who is the cornerstone of the Church, and we know who makes all things possible and his name is Jesus Christ


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