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birdieIn Philippians 4:19, Paul tells us we have a God that will take care of everything we need.  How did Paul come to this conclusion?  Before Paul became a servant of Jesus Christ, he was an enemy that worked diligently to try and destroy the Church. He would have men and women placed in prison and beaten for confessing they were followers of Jesus Christ. The need to destroy Christians was so great within him, he would stop at nothing until they were all locked up or dead.  Paul felt it was the right thing to do until Jesus met him on the road to Damascus. After his encounter with Jesus, Paul’s life was never the same. He realized how misguided he was and Jesus could have very easily killed him on that road.  However, Paul received grace and mercy that day and for the rest of his life, he lived for Jesus Christ.  Why?   Paul lacked understanding  in his life and Jesus supplied that need.  With all that Paul had done against the followers of Jesus Christ, he was forgiven.  As the The Lord began to use Paul, he was able to see how God supplied for him because he gave his life to Jesus Christ.

What is lacking in your life? You have to trust God with it and He will supply what is needed. Even though you may be lacking in a part of your life, there is still a part of you that can be serving God. Okay, look at this to understand what I’m saying: There was a woman whose ministry was to visit the sick, but one day she fell and broke her leg. The doctor told her, she would not be able to move around for at least two months. The woman was distraught, so she called her Pastor and shared what happened. Then she told her pastor she can’t visit people for at least a few months. The pastor shared with her,  you can call people on the phone and send them get well cards. You can’t do what you want right now but,  there is still something you can do. The woman took the pastor’s advice and she realized she was able to reach more people in her current situation. When you focus on what you can do and do it, God will supply the need where you are lacking.