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Sis. Doris Robertson

Doris Robertson has been a member of Broad Rock for 24 years. Affectionately known as “Mama Dee” by her coworkers at Altria. Sis. Robertson joined Broad Rock after being encouraged to visit by former Deacon Leroy Morgan. Doris Robertson was reared as an usher in her North Carolina home church and joined the usher’s ministry early on at Broad Rock. Since joining the ushers, Sis. Robertson has served as secretary, vice president and president of the ministry. She has also served on the finance committee, church and pastor interest group and singles ministry. Doris, the mother of two and grandmother of four, says she loves Broad Rock because it’s a family church. “Pastor knows the congregation. He knows when you are not there…It’s a church of love,” she says.

In the future, Sis. Robertson says she would like to see a more expanded Broad Rock centered on community involvement. “I would like to see the church have an after school program and summer day care program,” she says. She would also like to see a clothing closet for the homeless.

Doris Robertson considers Broad Rock a place to praise God and leave her burdens. Her advice to the church: “Continue to grow in the Spirit and allow the young adults to become leaders. “ Sis. Robertson’s favorite scripture is Psalms 84:10 “I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.”

Sis. Orleane (Tiny) Hayes

Orelane “Tiny” Hayes has been a member of Broad Rock for just over a decade. After being invited by Sis. Alice Moore and her former classmate Sis. Mary Bradley. Tiny visited Broad Rock a few Sundays and decided to join. She immediately put her 20 years of experience as cafeteria supervisor for Henrico County to use and joined the kitchen ministry. “I just love being in the kitchen. I love cooking and baking,” she says.

Outside of the kitchen, Sis. Hayes serve on the Task Force Ministry, Pastor’s Interest Group and mid-day Bible Study.

Sis. Hayes says it’s the people that keep her so faithful to Broad Rock. “I love the pastor and I love the members. Everybody’s nice, “she says.

In the future, Sis. Hayes says she would like to see an expanded Broad Rock with a bigger kitchen. Her advice to Broad rock: “Keep giving God the glory!’

Sis. Patricia McCormick

Patricia McCormick has been a member of Broad Rock nearly 30 years. After moving to the area, Sis. McCormick began looking for a small church home similar to her home church and stumbled across Broad Rock. After a couple of visits, she enjoyed the service and the way Rev. Godfrey preached, so she joined.

The first ministry Sis. McCormick joined was the choir. She has also served as the chairperson of the pastor’s interest group and is currently chairperson of the Christian Women’s Fellowship. Pat. McCormick says she doesn’t have a favorite because each one brings a different satisfaction.

Sis. McCormick is faithful to Broad Rock because she is growing in faith. “I am being spiritually fed and continue to live and grow in my walk with the Lord,” she says.  I really enjoy Bible study,” and she attends both noon day and evening Bible study.  Sis McCormick loves the pastor and the people and considers Broad Rock her home. “I will never forget the kindness and love (the church) showed during my illness,” she says.

Sis. McCormick is excited about the Broad Rock’s current expansion and in addition to a bigger church, she would like to see more women active in Christian Women’s fellowship and Bible study.

Her advice to the church: “Stay prayerful, be faithful and continue to love and show kindness to one another.” Her two favorite scriptures are Psalms 23 and Philippians 4:13.

Sis. Laura Mondrey

Laura Mondrey, better known as “La La”, has been a member of Broad rock nearly 25 years. Since joining Broad Rock, Laura has been a member of nearly every ministry, including church secretary, financial secretary, task force, ushers, choirs, youth advisor, CWF and transportation. But Ms. Mondrey says her favorites are the youth and the task force. “I have been working with the youth since I’ve been here. I love working with the youth and the senior citizens.” Sis. Mondrey says.

Laura Mondrey is the mother of two, grandmother of two and great grandmother of one, she considers Broad Rock family her extended family and Broad Rock “her home away from home.” The church, she says, allows her a chance to do the things she likes to do like sing and cook.

In the future, Laura would like to see Broad Rock rebuild its youth department. Her advice to the church: “Continue our work in the community so we can bring more people into the church.”

Sis. Ophelia Morgan

Ophelia Morgan has been a member of Broad Rock for 39 years. Sis. Morgan says she was led to Broad Rock after visiting several churches around town. The church’s small size and intimate nature appealed to Ophelia’s “down home country girl” roots, and she decided to join. “It was pretty much what I was looking for…a small down home church where everybody knew everybody,” Sis. Morgan says.

Since joining Broad Rock, Ophelia has served on the usher’s ministry, choir, CWF, and church and pastor’s interest group. She has also served as church clerk.  But Ophelia say’s her favorite has been singing on the choir, where she began as soprano. She eventually moved to alto and has been singing on the second row ever since. Sis. Morgan says Broad Rock is literally her “church” “home”.

In the future, Sis. Morgan would like to see Broad Rock’s membership grow, but more importantly see the church saving more souls for Christ. Her advice to Broad Rock: “Keep your focus on Christ and consult Him to align your priorities with His.” Her favorite scripture is Luke 6:31: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Deacon Sammie Wiley

Deacon Sam Wiley has been a member of Broad Rock around 25 years. After moving to the area from Anchorage Alaska, where he and his wife Cynthia Wiley had been stationed with the Air Force, Deacon Wiley stumbled across Broad Rock one Sunday and joined on his first visit. “It was something about the Spirit that led me to say, ‘This is the one.’” Deacon Wiley recalls.

Since joining Broad Rock, Deacon Wiley has served on quite a few ministries including the choirs, youth department and superintendent of Sunday school. In the early 90s, shortly after joining, he was ordained as a Deacon.  Deacon Wiley considers becoming a deacon “a calling over something I would pick,” and therefore, considers Sunday School and the youth department his favorite ministries.

Deacon Wiley, a South Carolina native, considers Broad Rock his family. “Broad Rock is a place where I can share my Christian experiences…it’s where I feel comfortable.”

In the future, Deacon Wiley says he would like to see Broad Rock expand in membership and in the physical presence. He would also like to see the youth department reinvigorated. His advice to the church: “Stay in prayer and keep your faith and trust in God in spite of what things seem like. The bottom line is everything we do; we do because we love the Lord.”

Deacon Wiley’s favorite scripture is Lamentations 3:21-23: “Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassion never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

Sis. Arelius Patsy Freeman

Patsy Freeman grew up in Broad Rock with her family. She officially joined Broad Rock in 1960.  Since joining Broad Rock Sis. Freeman has served as the chairperson of the Ushers Ministry, worked with VBS, CWF, the Task Force Ministry and the Choir.

Sis. Freeman says she loves to greet people at the door, and for that reason, the Ushers Ministry is her favorite.

Outside of her husband, three children and five grandchildren, Sis. Freeman considers Broad Rock her family. “It is my home church, and it means a lot to me because of the people,” Sis. Freeman says.

In the future Sis. Freeman would like to see more young people at the church and would like to see the church expanding.  Her advice to Broad Rock: “Treat people as you would want to be treated when you come into the house of the Lord.” Sis. Freeman’s favorite scripture is the 23rd Psalm.

Sis. Ruby Artis

Ruby Artis has been a member of Broad Rock for 22 years.  Artis visited Broad Rock after being invited by a friend. “It was the first church somebody had invited me to,” she says. Artis liked Broad Rock and decided to join.  But soon after joining, she became inactive.  Artis returned seven years ago and rededicated her life at Broad Rock.

Since joining Broad Rock, Artis has been a member of many ministries including the New Beginnings Ministry and the CWF Ministry. She is currently the chairperson of the Singles Ministry and the Tea Party planning committee of the CWF, which Artis says is her favorite because she loves to plan fun things for the ladies.

Artis says the Broad Rock reminds her of the church where she grew up. “It’s a warm place and a very friendly place,” she says.

In the future, Artis says she would like to see the church with a larger membership and more kids.  Her advice to Broad Rock: “Be mindful about how you talk about your church, and don’t hesitate to invite friends and family to church.”

When people ask Artis why she is so happy, she tells them, “You don’t know my story. Life is a blessing and I am thankful for friends and family. I try to celebrate that.”

Sis. Michelle Randolph

Michelle Randolph has been a member of Broad Rock for 27 years. After hearing Rev. Godfrey at a revival, Randolph’s father encouraged her to visit the church because he knew she lived in the area. Randolph listened to her dad, and came one Sunday to church. She joined shortly after.

Randolph has been a very active member at Broad Rock.  She has served on the Finance Ministry, Personnel, Christian Education and Sunday School Ministries. Randolph says her favorite; however, has been Sunday school because it has given her the opportunity to do missionary work as well as fellowship with community churches. Through the Sunday School Union, Randolph was able to represent Broad Rock and travel to Haiti twice: in 2010 and again in 2012.

Randolph says she tries to lead by example. “I need to show people I am committed to do what I say I’m going to do”.  “If I invite somebody to Sunday school at 8:00 a.m., I won’t feel right if I’m not there myself. They must see me as a leader.”

Randolph says it is her commitment to God that keeps her faithful to Broad Rock. She says she loves the people at Broad Rock, and recalls the encouragement of members like Deacon Miller who pushed her to become a leader in Sunday school.

In the future, Randolph would like to see more dedicated members and a growth in the youth and young adults. Her advice to Broad Rock: Step out the box! She encourages Broad Rock to be more outgoing and participate in more conferences and workshops in order to bring new ideas to the church.

Sis Harriett Hoover 

Harriet Hoover has been a member of Broad Rock for eight years. After retiring, Hoover met Joyce Penn and Edna Gillis at the YMCA.  She explained to them that she was looking for a midday Bible study and Sis. Penn invited Hoover to Broad Rock.

Since joining Broad Rock, Hoover has written the curriculum for VBS as well as help planned the church’s pictorial directory. Currently, Hoover is most active in the Usher’s Ministry. Hoover says she enjoys working with all the ministries and would be willing to work with any ministry that asks for her assistance.

It’s the church atmosphere that is so close to Hoover. “I’ve always gravitated to a small church where everybody knows each other and the pastor knows the people,” she says.

In the future, Hoover would like to see a more socially conscious church with political influence. She would also like to see more youth in the church. Her advice to Broad Rock: step out the box.  “You don’t know until you try,” she says. Hoovers favorite hymn is “Our Best” and she encourages Broad to keep doing the best they can.

Bro. Wallace Freeman

Bro. Wallace Freeman has been a member of Broad Rock over 30 years. He joined Broad Rock a few years after marrying his wife Patsy Freeman.

Since joining Broad Rock Freeman has been a member of the Ushers’ Ministry, the Trustee’s Ministry and the male chorus. Freeman says his favorite ministry has been the male chorus because he likes to be on the road.  “I get the opportunity to travel around the area and visit different churches,” Freeman says.

It’s the members of Broad Rock that keep Freeman so faithful. He considers Broad Rock “his family.” In the future, Freeman would like to see the church in a new building with lots of space and classrooms.

His advice to Broad Rock “Just have faith and remember John 3:16  “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish be have everlasting life.”