Easter – Get Started (1st of 4)

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This is the first blog of four that will come from John’s account of the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. Today is Resurrection Sunday, the day our Lord and Savior did the unthinkable, to empower all that will follow Him. The purpose for Jesus Christ coming was to move us from a life of despair, many had been weighed down by their sins. We were not living, but existing from day to day, trying to find peace in things that would not last. Many did not think it was possible for their lives to get better, that’s why Jesus Christ had to do the impossible to let us all know there are no limits. The only limits we are dealing with are man-made. Many limits have been created because people are not willing to venture beyond their own understanding. The only way we can experience the impossible in our lives is through accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. By embracing Him in our lives, we have knocked down the first wall of limits. We can do this because we have activated our faith in Jesus Christ. By moving forward in faith; walls have to fall, doubt is removed, and our minds are open to new possibilities. By putting our trust in Jesus Christ, we come to the realization we have been set free. We were bound in sin and living in fear.   Jesus came to let us know, he has overcome all the works of the enemy. The final enemy that had to be defeated was death.  This is why we worship and praise the Lord!

In John 20:1-10, Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb where Jesus was laid to rest on Friday. She went to the tomb early on Sunday while it was still dark. Mary’s love for Jesus can’t be explained, because she is the only one that knows exactly how He changed her life. In Mark’s Gospel we learn that Jesus cast out seven demons from Mary Magdalene and from that point, she followed Him. All Mary wanted to do was to see Jesus one more time, and she was expecting to see Him wrapped in the linen cloths He was buried in on Friday. However, when she arrived at the tomb and saw the stoned rolled away, Mary ran to tell the disciples they have taken Jesus. The unthinkable had not entered her mind, because the possibility of Him being resurrected was unattainable. Therefore, she wanted to alert the disciples, so that they could begin to look around to find out who took Him away. Peter and another disciple ran to the tomb to investigate. They saw the linen wrapping lying there, and the linen that was on His head rolled up in another place. After seeing the evidence, they started to believe the unthinkable. However, they were still struggling, because they didn’t see The resurrected Christ.

Jesus could have easily appeared to the disciples once they arrived at the tomb, but He wanted them to get started in reflecting on what He told them. He wanted them to remember all He had said, and come to the conclusion He has risen. The Lord is still operating in this same fashion in our lives. We have to make it our business to study the Word of God, and function as we are directed by His Words. When we do, there will be evidence all around us that the Lord is with us, because we know He got up early on that Sunday morning. Since He got up, we need to get started in doing all we have been called to do.