Christian Women’s Fellowship Conference-Call Meeting

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The Christian Women’s Ministry will meet on Saturday, January 9th @ 10 a.m. We will introduce another Nameless Woman from the Bible and Reverend Herndon will join us with her ‘Something to Chat About’ Segment. The topic for this month is entitled: “Is Your Heart Right?”

In our Sunday-School’s Application for Activation on 12/27/2020 the message stated: “While the desire to avoid divine retribution may be a motive for living right, it is not the best motive. We should desire to live right because it is the right thing to do in response to God’s love for us. God is concerned about the right motives as well as the right behavior.” What motivates us to do the right thing? Is it because we fear God is going to punish us or are we motivated by a genuine love for God. Let’s Chat About It. Please join us via Conference Call the numbers Have Changed 1-712-832-8330 or 1-425-436-6260. The Call-in numbers are as follows:
1-712-832-8330 or
Access code—5343995

Patricia McCormick
Chairman, CWF Ministry